Conroy Gold and Natural Resources PLC (“Conroy Gold”) is a gold exploration and development Company focused on Ireland and Finland.

The Company has discovered a 65km (40 miles) new district scale gold trend. The trend is located along a major geological structure, the Orlock Bridge Fault Zone, in the Longford-Down Massif in Ireland.

Conroy Gold is moving to develop, at Clontibret, in County Monaghan, its first gold mine in the trend. A number of other gold discoveries including Clay Lake, Glenish and Slieve Glah, with gold proven in bedrock, have been made by the Company along the trend.

Conroy Gold has signed a Letter of Intent (“LoI”) with Demir Export A.S. (announced 25 February 2021) for a planned Joint Venture (“JV”) project on an earn-in-basis over Conroy Gold’s Prospecting Licences in the Longford-Down Massif.

The primary focus of the Joint Venture Project (Project Inis) is the development of the gold deposit at Clontibret to construction ready status and bringing it into operation as a gold mine.

Conroy Gold is also involved in exploration for gold in Finland. Both Ireland and Finland are mining friendly countries with established mining traditions and a favourable business climate.


Geology of the North of Ireland showing gold trends