Why Ireland?

Ireland has a great deal to offer the exploration and mining community and continuously ranks highly in the Fraser Institute’s mining survey. The benefits include the following:

A Proactive Government Commitment

Both the Irish government (Republic of Ireland) and the government of Northern Ireland have placed a firm emphasis, as a high priority, on encouraging exploration and the responsible development of mineral resources.

"I affirm the Government's commitment to strongly encouraging mineral exploration and environmentally compatible extraction"

Mr. John Browne TD, Minister of State for the Dept. of Communications, Marine and Natural Resources (Republic of Ireland)

"The Northern Ireland Government recognises the great benefits that can be brought about by responsible development of its indigenous mineral resources"

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland Publication, Dept. of Trade, Enterprise and Investment (NI)

Common elements of government policy in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland include proactive support of departmental agencies and the encouragement of free enterprise.

User-friendly legislation

Prospecting licenses both in the Republic of Ireland and in Northern Ireland give the holder the right to explore for specific minerals and the exclusive right to seek mining facilities. There is security of tenure and straightforward environmental guidelines.

Favourable Fiscal Policy and Tax Incentives

The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland governments are committed to providing a favourable business climate for mining and exploration. Tax regimes differ between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, but common incentives include an immediate write-off of development and exploration expenditure, low corporation tax and capital allowances of up to 120%.

Ease of Exploration

Logistically, exploration across Ireland is a relatively easy task. Ireland has good road access to all areas and a temperate climate ensuring work can be conducted across the country all year round.

Skills and Scientific Advances

Ireland offers a highly educated, young workforce keen to innovate and push the boundaries of technology. A new scientific co-operation agreement has recently been signed between the Geological Survey of Ireland (GSI), the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland (GSNI) and the British Geological Survey (BGS). This will enhance many aspects of the science and logistics behind the Irish minerals industry, and North-South co-operation.

Excellent Infrastructure

Ireland has several international airports across the country in (with direct routes to Europe and North America). Ireland is also served by deep water ports providing ease of access to international markets, a rail network undergoing extensive modernisation and an excellent road network. Ireland's telecommunications network rivals that of its European neighbours with continual upgrades ensuring reliable high-speed links to the rest of the world.

Advanced Service Sector

Ireland has internationally recognised companies with a wide range of expertise in all aspects of mineral exploration and development. Services available include geotechnical services, hydrogeology and environmental assessments; specialised drilling contractors, analytical laboratories, computerised data management and remote sensing expertise, along with major engineering and construction groups.

Summary of the Benefits for Exploration and Mining in Ireland